We are sure grateful that we found Brian. He was exceptional in helping us from start to finish. We came into the process of needing a website and someone who saw our vision. Brian helped us with photography and coached us on how we could make our website great. To this day we can always call on Brian when needing to add or update anything. We always get tons of compliments on our website design. We'd recommend Brian in a heartbeat!

Natty 2 months ago

I was very happy with my experience working with Brian on my website. Brian truly understands brands and delivered a final product that beautifully captured my brand essence: a bespoke children's clothing line focused on craftsmanship. For me, this was the most important quality of a website designer. At every stage, he delivered work product that exceeded my expectations. He focused a great deal on the photography on the site and even guided me pre-photo shoot on how to achieve the best possible results. And on top of this, Brian, knows all the ins and outs of the technical aspects of working with Shopify. Since working with Brian, I have recommended him to many other friends and designers and highly recommend him to you. :)

MPI Home Video 3 months ago

Brian did an excellent job with our website & webstore! This was the second project we worked on together and we will definitely be hiring him again. The design was wonderful, his communication was great and he taught us a lot about how to use Shopify and how to reach our customers. He really went above and beyond and still continues to check in. We highly recommend Bambri!!

CutCardStock 11 months ago

We hired Brian to update and move our website from another e-commerce solution to Shopify. This was a large undertaking with well over 1000 skus. He moved all the products and designed a new professional, updated and customer friendly site. 
He came out to our warehouse to gain a better understanding of our business and how we processed and shipped orders. 
Due to the large number of products that had to be moved, we came to point at which it was difficult to move forward with the project, but Brian persevered through the difficulty of moving all the skus. 
One of best things he did, was design a custom option for adding services to our card stock. This was a great creation! It allowed our customers to add special services right from the shopping cart. This design put us ahead of our competitors. 
Our employees are very pleased with the ease of processing and shipping orders with this new site. 
Our customers have given feedback that the site is now easier to navigate. 
Even though this was a huge undertaking, if we had to do it again, we would hire Bambri!

Gorgon Video 12 months ago

We highly recommend Brian! He was fast, very responsive and had many creative ideas for our new store. He exceeded our expectations on a design level, price was very reasonable, and now our store is doing wonders! After completing our first site with him, we've decided to re-design our other websites with Brian's help. Absolutely talented designer that is easy to work with and knows Shopify in and out. We can't recommend him enough.

Vivo Direct 12 months ago

I hired Brian to build my retail site in Shopify anticipating the announcement of the merge with Acclivity, my database platform.

Brian was wonderful in understanding the unique aspects of my business and interpreting them into this platform. The design of the site is what I had hoped for as well as the function and custom features. The project was done quickly and all phases were delivered on time. Brian was a pleasure to work with during all phases of the project.

Brian was also extremely patient with me, teaching the function of the back end so that we can do much of the updating in house but he has been very available when obstacles occur.

I have been so happy working with Brian that I had him also do a another Shopify site for me that is a wholesale catalog site with separate URL.

Tandem Lane over 1 year ago

Working with Bambri to design our new e-commerce site was an excellent decision for us.

From the beginning of our expert search, it was clear that Brian’s services extended well beyond just building a website: a) Brian helped us rethink the overall design of our site to ensure the optimal customer experience, b) he redesigned our logo, c) he designed our new retail boxes to match the overall design of our site, d) he hired a local photographer who was able to arrange a shoot for us - he even drove me to the photo shoot!

Brian did all of the above for a similar price as other Shopify experts were quoting solely for site design and programming.

We love our new website, and we can say with 100% confidence that Brian’s partnership approach, hard work, and artistic skill came together to produce a site that was much better than what we had imagined. Now that the site is up-and-running, Brian continues to help us make small tweaks to the site and continues to be a valuable sounding board for us on all matters related to our business. We are very happy with our decision to hire Bambri and look forward to continuing to use Brian for new projects as our business grows.

Tandem Lane over 1 year ago

Bambri was a true one-stop solution for us.

Brian views himself as a partner and approaches the project from that perspective. He thinks holistically about what is needed and will work best for your business, and then goes above and beyond to get from point A to point B.

For example, before we had even signed on with Brian, he spent a ton of time trying to figure out the best technology solutions to meet our needs. After beginning the project, he sourced and evaluated photographers for our photo shoot and then helped direct the shoot itself.

In terms of the creative design, what Brian delivered was a clear break from the standard aesthetic found on many e-commerce sites – he designed something that was very unique and really fit our brand.

After getting our site 90% of the way there, we worked iteratively with Brian to get it to 100%. He is very committed and engaged – he keeps tweaking small details until they are perfect. 
We’re thrilled with the final product, and look forward to continue working with Brian on on-going tweaks and larger future projects.

Felix over 1 year ago

Working with Bambri was an excellent experience all the way around.

Brian took the time to get to know the Felix brand while concurrently exploring how best to embody it on Shopify based on both our brand goals and our business goals. It was a very collaborative process, which I greatly appreciated. Brian brought excellent creative, strategic and tactical thinking to the engagement, saving us from making mistakes more than once, while helping us think differently about the brand, all while being a great listener. A very rare combination of skills.

I also have to commend Brian on the job he did building our site so it is easy for us to manage it's evolution going forward. This was really important for Felix, and he did an excellent job.

It was clear that Brian carries about his design engagements and that he wants them to be the best they can possibly. If you're looking for a partner to help you shape your shop online, look no forward. Brambi is a great choice.

I look forward to working with Brambi again!

Felix over 1 year ago

Brian setup an excellent site for us and was really great to work with. Pushed us, listened to us and in the end, delivered for us. A+

AUST. almost 2 years ago

The RADDEST web designer around, Bambri is a joy to work with.

With Bambri, we got much more than a web designer. He took our vision and ideas and translated it to a stunning webpage that had everything we wanted and more.

He gave sound advice along the way on all e-commerce areas, from notes about how to improve our product photography to social media tips. He also really helped to hone in on our branding by looking at what we were currently doing, to help us stream line the branding for our store.

He's not afraid to be completely honest about his thoughts and usually he's right. We've followed Bambri's advice on many occasions, even sometimes when it's different from our own and it's definitely paid off.

We ended up with a website that one of our fashion designers called "the best online shopping site [he'd] seen." Combine his creative instinct with his extensive experience in the e-commerce world and you can be sure your webpage will be easy to use, unique and unforgettable!

LHN Jewelry almost 2 years ago

I was looking to move my site from Volusion to Shopify, and I wanted to refresh the design of my site to something more simple and elegant, so that's when I got in touch with Bambri.

First, he put an emphasis on the importance of product photography before even broaching the design portion of the project. During the design process, he was able to take my vision and ideas from other websites and craft them into something unique and distinct for my brand.

The site was designed and coded in just over a month! Record time for me for any kind of web project. Brian was always available to me during the project, it felt like I had a temporary full-time partner aiding me in all aspects of getting the site together. He also helped me put together printable line sheets for my products based on the site design, giving me a very consistent brand presentation.

Brian isn't just a designer, or a developer, he's both those things, but also a knowledgeable and experienced store manager himself. He's not some programmer nerd that's hard to talk to, instead, he is enthusiastic and very personable. I am now proud to call him a friend.

I really can't recommend working with Bambri enough.